2015 Thursday Workshop Milwaukee October 15

Thursday’s Workshop
Presenter: Jeffrey Wilhelm, Boise State University

Inquiring Minds Want to Read and Write: Framing Curriculum and Instruction as Inquiry

This interactive workshop will pursue 4 strands:

  1. What is inquiry and why does this structure engage and assist learners?
  2. How can we reframe units we already teach into inquiry-oriented pursuits through the use of “Big” or “Essential” Questions?
  3. How can we use backwards planning to teach towards meaningful culminating projects and compositions?
  4. How can we effectively design assignment sequences framed by inquiry through using frontloading and sequencing techniques?

Workshop starts at 12:30 p.m.

UW-Milwaukee Continuing Education Conference Center
Downtown Milwaukee, in the Historic Plankinton Building
161 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 6000, Milwaukee WI 53203

Workshop fee includes snacks.

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