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Our Mission:

WCTE strengthens the teaching of English Language Arts through
mentoring, scholarship, advocacy and collegiality.


Our Board of Directors bring experience from middle school through university level.
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See what some Satisfied Members have to say

  • Collaboration

    I belong to WCTE because it allows me to collaborate with people across the state and it keeps me energized in my own teaching.

    Jennifer Kieren, Ellsworth Community High School

  • Best Teaching Practices

    WCTE membership acquaints me with best teaching practices and opportunities for collaboration with my Wisconsin colleagues.

    Katie Herrmann, Hartford Union High School

  • Connections

    As a teacher in a small district, I love the connection that WCTE allows me to make with teachers all over the state. Whether large or small, urban or rural, or somewhere in between, we can all help each other out.

    Kara Sommerfeldt, Arcadia High School

  • Family

    NCTE is my professional home; WCTE, my immediate family.

    Kathy Nelson, Arrowhead High School

  • Making World Better

    WCTE helps me make the world a safer and cooler place for English teachers and their students.

    John Pruitt, UW-Rock County

  • Opportunities for Growth

    WCTE is my link to professional growth in ELA. This group of dedicated educators works tirelessly to bring all of us opportunities for growth and fellowship. Join now!

    Martha Handrick, Lakeland Union High School

  • Having a Voice

    WCTE gives us a voice in our own profession! I love being part of an organization that believes in the values I fight hard to protect in my classroom.

    John Schad, Kohler Middle School

In the September Update

Convention sessions and registration form, testing news from DPI, award winners and more in the September Update.     

Nominations Deadline Extended

The deadline has been extended to May 15 for nominating candidates for the Nancy Hoefs Memorial Award for an  Outstanding Beginning Teacher.  See the Awards Page for details.

Nominations sought for Intellectual Freedom Award

WCTE is seeking nominations for the 2013 Lee Burress Intellectual Freedom Award.  The award  is designed to acknowledge the work done by educators who teach and extol the tenets of free speech and who urge responsible, humane and caring communication.  See the award announcement.

In the December Update

Read the latest  WCTE Update for convention news, award winners, new officers, and more.

Business Proceedings

Minutes of Executive Committee meetings can be viewed on this site, along with minutes of the Annual Business Meeting.  See the Minutes page for details.  The Minutes page contains a link to Committee Reports.  These pages are also accessible via the menu under “About WCTE” and by entering the terms in the search box.

WEJ Vol. 54, No. 2 now available

The latest issue of the Wisconsin English Journal  is now freely available online.  See the table of contents for a variety of articles, regular features, reviews, and news about the teaching of English. 

Networking the 2012 Convention

See WCTE’s Facebook page for commentary about the 2012 convention, including links to presenters and materials.  Click on the Facebook picture in the slide show at right.

New directors announced

Election results were announced at the 2012 Annual Meeting in Madison.  For a list of new and returning directors, visit the Officers and Directors page.

WCTE Wednesday Sample Post #2

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WCTE Wednesday Sample Post #1

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