NCTE High School Teacher of Excellence Award

The Secondary Section of the National Council of Teachers of English recognizes and celebrates high school classroom teachers.


Due Dates:

  • Nominations are due by March 15 to the WCTE Director for the nominee’s district
  • One finalist from each district to the State Coordinator two weeks later (April 1)
  • One WCTE finalist to NCTE two weeks after that. (April 15)

Applicant Submissions:

The applicants from each district should be recognized for their excellent practices and contributions in the classroom.  Each applicant should submit a résumé and letters of support from TWO different constituencies–principal, supervisor, chairperson, peer, parent or student.

NCTE Notification:

When the final selection is made from the 12 districts, the  High School Teacher of Excellence Coordinator for Wisconsin will submit the application form, the résumé and the two letters of support to the Secondary Section Chair.

NCTE Honor Luncheon:

NCTE will honor each affiliate’s selected candidate at the Secondary Luncheon at the November NCTE convention.  State winners are responsible for their own attendance at the convention, but reserved seating will be offered and WCTE will purchase the luncheon ticket.  A certificate from the Secondary Section will be provided at the luncheon along with a booklet highlighting comments from the letters of recommendation.

For Further Information:

Please contact the High School Teacher of Excellence Coordinator for Wisconsin,

David Roloff
UW-Stevens Point

Past award recipients


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