WCTE Award for Diversity and Inclusion

This award shall be presented to a Wisconsin English teacher who through their actions…

  • Creates a learning environment that provides a safe space for all students, regardless of any label
  • Chooses texts, topics, and strategies that embrace the richness of human form and expression, i.e.:
    • A diversity of texts and ideas,
    • Topics that sometimes run counter to mainstream ideology, yet represent the experiences and interests of those with different abilities, racial or ethnic minority status, LGBTQA+ identities, and any other marginalized category,
    • “Own Voices” literature, or texts that include marginalized characters written by authors who belong to that same community and write from a place of first-hand experience.
  • Goes beyond the classroom to advocate for inclusion in the community, promoting equity in all areas, from tolerance to social justice.
  • Celebrates and incorporates into instruction the cultural values of all students in the classroom.
  • Excels at building relationships with students and families of various backgrounds and experiences

To nominate a teacher or teachers for this award, contact WCTE Awards Chair Trista Owczarzak with a detailed description of how the nominee(s) demonstrate the qualities and actions above. Nominations are due on June 1, 2023.

Inspired by the Teaching Tolerance Award for Excellence in Teaching.