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Your membership supports the activities of the Council, and we support you.

  • Our Wisconsin English Journal is first rate, publishing articles of interest to all English teachers both in our state and nationally.
  • Our award-winning newsletter, the WCTE Update, keeps you informed of events related to the Council and the state of our profession in Wisconsin.
  • Our annual workshops and conventions bring in nationally known speakers to inform and inspire attendees and provide sessions to share teaching ideas and strategies.
  • You are eligible to apply for or nominate others for WCTE awards. What a great way to acknowledge our colleagues who are outstanding teachers and give them recognition.
  • And, finally, the Council serves as the “voice” of our profession in the state, taking positions on issues that affect us as teachers and the way in which we work with students. The stronger our membership base, the stronger will be the voice with which we can speak.

Please consider seriously being an active member in WCTE, lending your support and your voice to this important work.