About WCTE

The Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English (WCTE) is a nonprofit, voluntary educational organization whose purpose is to improve the quality of instruction in the English language arts and English at all school levels in the State of Wisconsin.  Incorporated in 1963, WCTE has provided forums for the exchange of ideas among teachers throughout the state and has supported research, curriculum improvement, and professional development for all teachers of English language arts.

WCTE is affiliated with the National Council of Teachers of English.

The WCTE Mission:

WCTE strengthens the teaching of English Language Arts through mentoring, scholarship, advocacy, and collegiality.

WCTE membership provides

Access to content-specific best practices/information with a Wisconsin flavor


  • Wisconsin English Journal, which highlights exceptional English education in Wisconsin
  • WCTE Update, a newsletter with ideas you can use in the classroom tomorrow
  • List of speakers for program planners
  • Specialized publications such as Wisconsin Authors poster

Conventions and Meetings

  • District programs and social activities
  • Annual state convention
  • Sectionals and programs at other organizations’ conventions (WSRA, WEAC, etc.)

Recognition of Professional Accomplishment

Connections to others through

  • Liaison to DPI, NCTE, SLATE, and WCA
  • Representation on special programs/organizations (Wisconsin Writers, DPI task force, etc.)
  • Political Influence at the state level

Collaborative Opportunities

  • Networking with knowledgeable colleagues
  • Providing a community of interested English teachers
  • Collaboration with a professional learning community

Opportunity to serve the profession

  • District Director positions
  • Intellectual Freedom Committee (to address censorship and related concerns)
  • Wisconsin Conference of English Leadership
  • Archives committee
  • Wisconsin Conference of English Education (committee on the professional education of English teachers)
  • Publications advisory committee
  • Resolutions committee

Join WCTE!

Additional information about WCTE:

BEGINNING TEACHERS: View a Presentation on WCTE Membership

Members who would like additional information about becoming officers or directors of WCTE should contact Marianne Potter, Past President, for more information. 

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