WCTE Update

Read the WCTE Update for news of WCTE and for useful classroom ideas.  Published online each fall, winter, and spring.

Current issue:

WCTE Update April 2024

  • Convention Call for proposals
  • Award Nominations
  • NCTE Lit Mag Awards
  • Wisconsin Literary Map: focus on Michael Perry, New Auburn author
  • Journalism for Your Classroom: Writing editorials
  • Teaching Speech: Listening, Interviewing
  • DPI Report
  • Wisconsin English Journal news
  • National Poetry Month
  • From the Archives
  • Meet the New Board Member: Patty Rieman
  • AI in Education
  • What We’re Reading
  • and more!

WCTE Update December 2023

  • Convention news
  • Award Nominations
  • Wisconsin Literary Map: focus on Norbert Blei, Door County author
  • Student Press Rights Bill
  • Journalism for Your Classroom: Effective Openers
  • Teaching Speech: Quick Directions for Giving an Informative Speech
  • DPI Report
  • From the Archives
  • Meet the New Board Member: Adrian Hook
  • Student Contests
  • What We’re Reading
  • For Class: Using AI in Both Creative and Technical Writing

WCTE Update September 2023

  • WCTE English Convention: Penny Kittle, Oct. 12-13 in Wausau
  • Award Winners
  • Wisconsin Literary Map: focus on Jeff Nania, mystery writer
  • Legacy Honors: Tom Scott and Marti Matyska
  • Teaching Journalism: How to manage class time
  • Teaching Speech: Managing speech anxiety
  • Build Your Stack: NCTE resources for you!
  • What we’re reading
  • For Class: Dungeon Crawl Activity

WCTE Update March 2023

  • WCTE English Convention: Penny Kittle, Oct. 12-13 in Wausau
  • Call for nominations for WCTE awards
  • Wisconsin High School winners of NCTE REALM Award
  • Wisconsin Literary Map: focus on Marguerite Henry
  • Teaching Journalism: How news writing is different from English class writing
  • Teaching Speech: How to teach listening skills
  • Wisconsin English Journal: Call for submissions
  • What we’re reading
  • For Class:  Hexagonal Thinking

WCTE Update September 2022

  • Message from President
  • Position Statement: Right to Read
  • Teacher Awards
  • Wisconsin Literary Map: focus on Walter “Red” Smith
  • Career Pathways:  for your classroom
  • Journalism: Pitching a story
  • Teaching Speech: Starting off right
  • From the Archives: Snippets of minutes
  • Meet a Board Member: Stephanie Hurt
  • Wisconsin English Journal: Call for submissions
  • What we’re reading
  • For Class:  Phrases from Shakespeare

WCTE Update April 2022

  • Message from President
  • Call for nominations for WCTE awards
  • Wisconsin High School winners of NCTE REALM Award
  • Wisconsin Literary Map: focus on Marguerite Henry
  • Teaching Journalism: The review as persuasive writing
  • Teaching Speech: What you need to know about visual aids
  • from the Archives:  WCTE film recommendations from 1990s
  • Call for new editor of Wisconsin English Journal
  • What we’re reading…
  • For Class: Focus on Peer Feedback
  • …and more!

WCTE Update December 2021

  • Message from President
  • Message from Executive Director
  • Election Results:  New WCTE Board
  • Call for nominations for WCTE Awards
  • Wisconsin Literary Map Update
  • Journalism and Speech lessons for your English classroom
  • A fun quiz from our WCTE Archivist
  • Report from our DPI Liaison
  • Student Poetry Contest
  • Call for submission to the Wisconsin English Journal
  • What we’re reading
  • …and more!

WCTE Update September 2021

  • 2021 Convention featuring Folger Shakespeare Library
  • Message from President
  • Teaching Awards announced!!
  • DPI Liaison Report from Madison
  • Journalism resources for every J-teacher
  • How to deliver an impromptu speech
  • What we’re reading
  • Stretching beyond the argumentative essay
  • …and more!

WCTE Update April 2021

  • Ongoing 2020 Convention Updates
  • Message from the President
  • Call for nominations for WCTE awards
  • Wisconsin High School winners of NCTE REALM Award
  • Teaching Journalism as a life skill
  • Teaching Speech as a life skill
  • from the Archives:  “The Box”
  • Teacher feature:  Adam Sprague, WEJ editor
  • DPI Liaison Report
  • WCTE has a new logo:  the unveiling
  • Book Recommendations
  • What we’re reading
  • Successful practices for book clubs
  • National Poetry Month
  • …and more!

WCTE Update January 2021

  • Passionate Readers Book Club & Webinar
  • Introducing WCTE Board of Directors
  • Message from the President
  • New Logo Coming Soon
  • WCTE’s Connection with Public Radio
  • DPI Liaison Report & COVID-19 Resources
  • New WEJ Editor announces Call for Submissions
  • Book Recommendations
  • Classroom Resources
  • …and more!

WCTE Update September 2020

  • Convention canceled and re-imagined as virtual workshopos
  • Letter from the President
  • WCTE teacher Awards
  • Message from the Executive Director
  • Meet Board member Marti Matyska
  • DPI news update
  • Wisconsin First Nation resources
  • What we’re reading
  • Resouces for your classroom
  • Calendar of Events

WCTE Update March 2020

  • Join “Passionate Readers” study cohort
  • Convention: call for proposals, convention grant
  • Award nominations due May 1
  • Wisconsin’s REALM winners (literary magazines)
  • DPI news update
  • Call for applications for Wisconsin English Journal editor
  • Diversity Resources from Wisconsin First Nations
  • Remote Teaching Resources
  • What we’re reading
  • Calendar of Events
  • Join the WCTE team: call for volunteers

WCTE Update December 2019

  • Formation of Wisconsin Action Groups
  • WCTE Election Results
  • Letter from the President
  • WCTE Fall Convention Report
  • CEL, NCTE Convention Reports
  • CEL Talks Podcast
  • How to Get Involved in WCTE
  • Diversity Resources
  • DPI English News, including Dyslexia report and ELA Standards Revision
  • Twitter Chat Schedule
  • Minnesota Council of Teachers of English Spring Conference Invitation
  • Poetry Resources
  • Teacher Travel
  • Book Love Foundation
  • What We’re Reading
  • Calendar of Events
  • For Class: To Kill a Mockingbird: Monroeville Walking Tour
  • For Teachers: Board Members Share Favorite Resources

WCTE Update September 2019

  • Convention information
  • Changes to WCTE By-Laws
  • Awards
  • New Teacher Action Groups
  • DPI Report
  • Poetry Out Loud
  • Diversity Report
  • Twitter Chat Schedule
  • Wisconsin English Journal
  • WCTE in the News
  • Books We’re Reading
  • Wise Learn Platform
  • Resources

WCTE Update March 2019

  • Fall convention announcements
  • Time to submit award nominations
  • Diversity report asks for assistance
  • DPI Update on WI ELA standards
  • Twitter Chat schedule
  • Wisconsin English Journal news
  • Meet Amanda Sweet, District #5 director
  • National Poetry Month resources
  • First Amendment contest for your students
  • Books: What we’re reading
  • For Class: Ways to talk about books in class
  • Top Ten online resources for English teachers

 WCTE Update December 2018 

  • WCTE hires executive director, Lynn Frick
  • Election results
  • Awards—NCTE and Chisholm
  • Twitter Chat schedule
  • Wisconsin English Journal news
  • Meet the treasurer: Tom Scott
  • Interview with Wisconsin author of A Dreadful Fairy Book
  • GEEO travel for teachers
  • Student Poetry Contest
  • What we’re reading
  • For class:  Book club with a purpose by Tanya Sponholz

September 2018 WCTE Update

  • Registration and details about the October convention
  • Meet the WCTE Award winners
  • WCTE wins three NCTE awards: website, newsletter, affiliate excellence
  • DPI Update
  • Twitter Chat dates and topics
  • Wisconsin English Journal call for articles
  • Meet District #2 director, Sarah Rowse-Borelli
  • Great American Read
  • Student Contest, scholarships, free curriculum from the Anti-Defamation League
  • Books we’re reading
  • For your classroom:  choice reading

Linda Barrington, Editor

Do you have a story idea for the December issue?  Let us know about it and we’ll research and write about it.

WCTE Update April 2018

  • October convention information—Thursday workshops with Chris Lehman—and registration, call for proposals
  • Award nominations due May 15
  • Summer travel for teachers through GEEO
  • Position statement opposing UW-Stevens Point’s proposal to eliminate 13 humanities majors
  • Updated news from the DPI
  • Promoting diversity in children’s literature
  • News from the Wisconsin English Journal
  • Meet District 7 director, Mary Beth Desens
  • Books we’re reading
  • Summer Journalism Workshop for high school students
  • English Teacher’s calendar
  • For your classroom:  VR (virtual reality) in your English class

WCTE Update December 2017

  • Monthly Twitter Chats for Wisconsin English teachers
  • Recaps of our state convention in October
  • The deserving recipients of the Lee Burress Intellectual Freedom Award
  • Highlights of the NCTE convention and CEL conference
  • Latest news from the DPI
  • Wisconsin Write project
  • News from the Wisconsin English Journal:  now at a new WEBSITE
  • Meet District 4 director, Brad Byron
  • Student Poetry Contest
  • Books we’re reading
  • English teacher’s calendar
  • For your classroom:  an interactive resource template for teaching a work of literature in historical context

WCTE Update September 2017

  • October 2017 convention preview:  Becoming World Readers: One Book at a Time, with Sandra Kowalczyk
    • Special Thursday workshop: Words Without Borders
    • Breakout sessions list
    • Registration Information
  • Awards: First-year Teachers, Student Teacher
  • Diversity Resources
  • DPI Updates for English teachers
  • Do you know about Google+ Resources?
  • WCTE Position Statement on Changes in Licensure for Teachers
  • Find out how to join WCTE Twitter Chats
  • Check out audio book free downloads!  Plan for next summer.
  • Whatcha doing after school?  Find out about Afterschool Alliance.
  • NCTE Award for Wisconsin English Journal and WCTE Update
  • Meet District 12 director Tanya Sponholz
  • Find out about Forensics opportunities for your English students
  • Wisconsin English Journal: call for articles on all topics
  • Good Books:  what we’re reading
  • For Class:  Workshop activity to understand “privilege.”

WCTE Update March 2017

  • October 2017 convention preview:  Becoming World Readers: One Book at a Time, with Sandra Kowalczyk
    • Call for Proposals
    • Registration Information (plan now, not at the last minute!)
  • Awards: Deserving teachers will win only if you nominate them
  • Wisconsin winners of NCTE’s Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Magazines
  • DPI Updates for English teachers AND the
  • The third and final installment of DPI English teacher survey responses, featuring teaching-related stories
  • Importance of educating now to prevent intellectual challenges in the future
  • “A Mile in Our Shoes” program to promote empathy and inclusivity through reading
  • Meet District 7 director, Janelle Bailey
  • Summer Journalism Workshop for students and teachers at Marquette University, July 16-19
  • Wisconsin English Journal: call for articles on Approaches to Creative Writing
  • Good Books:  what we’re reading
  • Summer travel opportunities for teachers through GEEO
  • For Class:  Take your students on a Canterbury pilgrimage, right in the halls of your school.


  • Convention Wrapups: WCTE, NCTE, CEL
  • Message from the President
  • WCTE Election Results
  • DPI News
  • Meet your District Director (Holly Caudill, #9)
  • Call for Submissions and What’s in this Issue – English Journal
  • Milwaukee Area Student Affiliate
  • What We’re Reading
  • DPI English News
  • DPI Survey Results, Part 2
  • Chisholm Award:  Kathy Nelson
  • Events Calendar:  Teaching the Novel and Poetry Together

WCTE Update September 2016

  • Convention preview and registration
  • WISELearn curation
  • Message from the President
  • Awards
  • New Voices Legislation
  • DPI Survey Results
  • Milwaukee Area Student Affiliate
  • Diversity Report
  • DPI English News
  • WCTE Board Member Profile
  • WEJ Update
  • What We’re Reading
  • Student Poetry Contest
  • Calendar
  • For Class
    • Shakespeare in Wisconsin 2016

WCTE Update May 2016

  • WCTE Convention 2016
  • Nominations
  • TYCA Statements
  • Student Speech: Your Right to Know
  • PRESLM Awards
  • Diversity Report
  • Sutdent Affiliate
  • DPI News
  • Meet your District Director (Tim Allison, #10)
  • Publications
  • What We’re Reading
  • Literacy by the Lakes
  • Events Calendar
  • For Class:
    • Using Reflection Intentionally

WCTE Update December 2015

  • Look at the New Website
  • Convention Wrapups: WCTE, NCTE, CEL
  • “Why Study English?” Milwaukee area pre-service teachers will visit your class
  • DPI News
  • Meet your District Director (Jennifer Kieren, #11)
  • Call for Submissions – English Journal, WCTE Update
  • What We’re Reading
  • National Day of Writing
  • Travel and study opportunities: GEEO and NEH
  • Events Calendar
  • For Class:
    • Shakespeare Resources

WCTE Update September 2015

  • Convention Breakout Sessions
  • Convention Registration
  • Message from the President
  • Awards
  • Journalism Curriculum
  • Call for Submissions – English Journal
  • DPI News
  • Milwaukee Student Affiliate
  • Meet your District Director (11)
  • What We’re Reading
  • Events Calendar
  • For Class:
    • Start the year “Write”

March 2015

  • Call for Proposals
  • Message from the President
  • Intellectual Freedom
  • Award Winners and Nomination Information
  • Call for Submissions – English Journal
  • NCTE Student Affiliate in WI
  • Educational Travel Opportunity
  • DPI News
  • Meet your District Director (4)
  • What We’re Reading
  • Events Calendar
  • For Class:
    • Tech and Test Prep
    • Silent Discussions

December 2014

  • Sign up for Sara Kajder’s webinar!
  • Message from the President
  • Election news
  • WCTE convention news
  • NCTE convention recap
  • English Journal call for submissions
  • WI authors
  • DPI news
  • Books we are reading
  • Writing projects

Fall 2014

  • Message from the President
  • Convention: Register now
  • WCTE News
  • DC Convention
  • About people: Award winners
  • American lit. resource
  • Books: WCTE recommendations
  • More

March 2014

  • Convention
  • Membership drive
  • Literary magazine awards
  • Symposium: Great World Texts
  • Google PLC
  • Read to Lead grants
  • Nonfiction: Women at play
  • For class: Wisconsin Media Lab
  • More

January 2014

  • WCTE Position Statement on the Common Core State Standards for ELA
  • Convention 2013 photos and review of events
  • PDP readers: New member benefit
  • DPI news
  • WCTE election results
  • Updates from NCTE, CEL conventions
  • Director profile: Loren Glasbrenner
  • NCTE Student Awards
  • For Class: Multi-modal murder mystery
  • More

September 2013

  • Convention registration, sessions
  • Pooley awards – Apply before Sept. 13
  • Burress award – LGBTQ group wins
  • PDP readers – new member benefit
  • Three outstanding teachers
  • DPI news you need
  • Banned Books Week
  • Techie Girls
  • For class: great world texts
  • More

March 2013

  • October convention to feature Tom Romano
  • From the WCTE President
  • District I Director wins Kohl fellowship
  • State literary magazines winners in NCTE contest
  • Apply or nominate someone now for WCTE awards
  • Join NCTE’s Gay/Straight Educators Alliance
  • Wisconsin Educational Leadership Alliance debuts
  • Meet Martha Handrick, District 9 director
  • Resources for English Teachers from NCTE and DPI
  • More

December 2012

Election results; Awards presented; From the WCTE President; Convention wrap-up; Report from NCTE, CEL; New Director Denise Meyer; DPI ELA report; Poetry contest; Invitation to teach abroad; For class: Reading strategies

Fall 2012

Fall convention speakers and registration form [VIDEO] ; From the President; WCTE invites two-year college English teachers to join; DPI report: How advancing educational reforms affect English teachers; Guest columnist: Why English teachers keep coming back to the NCTE convention; Making CEL a priority [VIDEO] ; WCTE’s board assesses direction; Ellyn Lem receives Intellectual Freedom award; For class: CCSS lesson plan template

May 2012

Carol Jago, Rebecca Sipe keynote; From the desk of your President; WCTE fall convention call for proposals;   WCTE honors Senator Kohl; WCTE website; DPI English news; WEJ needs reviewers; Reading research symposium; WCTE award winners; NCTE award deadlines

December 2011

Election results; gathering at Arrowhead plans; WCTE at NCTE 100th; CEL highlights; Writing initiative; Awards listing; Statement on Intellectual Freedom; Profile: Kathy Bay; Digital tools for you

September 2011

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