Chisholm Award for Meritorious Service to the Profession

The Chisholm Award is given to English educators for their meritorious service to the profession. 

The criteria for this award include the following:

  1. Contribution to the teaching of English Language Arts – This contribution may include, but is not limited to, using innovative teaching techniques, curriculum development in literature, reading, writing, speaking, listening, or media study; or participating in faculty activities related to English.
  2. Professional commitment – Nominees should have a strong interest in professional development. Indicators of this interest might include membership in professional organizations such as WCTE, NCTE, WSRA, WAMLE, IRA, WCA, etc.
  3. Staff and community relations – Nominees should have a good relationship with parents and others in the community and should have demonstrated potential for leadership among colleagues.

Nomination materials should include the following:

  • One letter of recommendation detailing how the nominee demonstrates or has demonstrated the above criteria throughout their career.

Process and Due Dates: 

  • Nominations should be submitted to WCTE Awards Chair on or before May 15th
  • A committee, organized by the Awards Chair, will review nominations and select a winner. 
  • Award winners will be presented with the Chisholm Award for Meritorious Service to the Profession at WCTE annual convention in October, during the awards ceremony.